SE Doctoral Programs

An Omega Alpha presence in academia was established during academic year 2010-11. It was inspired by SEANET as coordinated for SEA doctoral students by Donna Rhodes. This OAA initiative was pursued to recognize a few exemplary Systems Engineering doctoral programs worldwide.

Invitations to ten individuals at five institutions in four countries were accepted. The initiative involved the five major professors and five doctoral scholars below:

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Stephen C. Cook (Major Professor for Martin S. Kew)

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Barry W. Boehm (Major Professor for Jo Ann Lane)

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Daniel E. Hastings (Major Professor for Adam M. Ross)

TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DELFT, Eberhard Gill (Major Professor for Simone D’Amico)

TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, Ulrich Walter (Major Professor for Andreas M. Hein)

Systems Engineering Dissertation Showcase

A second Omega Alpha presence in academia has been launched. It involved the establishment of a Showcase for Exemplary SE Doctoral Dissertations (beginning in 2016), together with Honorary SE Doctoral Dissertations (from 2017 forward). See the next section entitled SE Dissertation Showcase for more detail and for application and nomination information.