SE Doctoral Dissertation Showcase


During its tenth anniversary meeting on July 17, 2016, in Edinburgh, the Omega Alpha Association Board of Directors authorized the establishment of a Systems Engineering Doctoral Dissertation Showcase (SEDDS). The legacy of SEDDS originates with SEANET, and also from a charter cohort of five exemplary doctoral programs identified during 2010-11.

Three dissertations are designated for Exemplary Recognition in 2016, two in 2017, and two in 2018. In addition to showcasing the exemplary dissertations on this website, the Omega Alpha Board authorized a $5,000 cash award, together with an engraved Exemplary Recognition plaque incorporating the Omega Alpha medallion.

An Honorary Recognition category was added in 2017 and one dissertation was so designated, with two designated for Honorary Recognition in 2018. A cash award of $1,000 was authorized for Honorary Recognition and an engraved plaque incorporating the Omega Alpha medallion was presented.

2016 Showcase

Exemplary Recognition

Autonomous Formation Flying in Low Earth Orbit
Simone D’Amico
Advised By: 
Eberhard Gill and Boudewijn Ambrosius
University: Technical University of Delft

Heritage Technologies in Space Programs: Assessment Methodology and Statistical Analysis
Author: Andreas Makoto Hein
Advised By: Ulrich Walter and Edward Crawley
University: Technical University of Munich

Managing Unarticulated Value: Changeability in Multi-Attribute Tradespace Exploration
Author: Adam Michael Ross
Advised By: Daniel E. Hastings
University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2017 Showcase

Exemplary Recognition

Measuring and Influencing Problem Complexity and its Impact on System Affordability During Requirements Elicitation for Complex Engineered Systems
Author: Alejandro Salado Diez
Advised By: Roshanak Nilchiani
University: Stevens Institute of Technology

Cyber Physical Disruption Modeling, Analysis, and Management: An Evolutionary Object Process Model-Based Robust Systems Engineering Approach
 Yaniv Mordecai
Advised By:
Dov Dori
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Honorary Recognition

Supporting Space Systems Design Via Systems Dependency Analysis Methodology
Author: Cesare Guariniello
Advised By: Daniel  DeLaurentis
University: Purdue University

2018 Showcase

Exemplary Recognition

Innovate by Designing for Value – Towards a Design-to-Value Methodology in Early Design Stages
Author: Sonia Ben Hamida
Advised By: Jean-Claude Bocquet and Marija Jankovic
University: Université Paris-Saclay

Computational Models for Architecture of Autonomous Networked Systems
Mohsen Mosleh
Advised By: Babak Heydari
University: Stevens Institute of Technology

Honorary Recognition

On the Military Utility of Spectral Design in Signature Managment: A Systems Approach
Kent E Andersson
Advised By: Jouko Vankka, Gunnar Hult, Hans Liwång, and Hans Kariis
University: National Defence University of Finland and Swedish Defence University

Successful Project Portfolio Management Delivery: A Novel Strategic Portfolio Decision-Making Model
Darius Danesh
Advised By: Michael Ryan
University: University of New South Wales


Next SE Doctoral Dissertation Showcase TBD


Doctoral degree candidates: 1) Become doctoral degree recipients when their dissertations are successfully defended and; 2) May become aware of the Omega Alpha SE Showcase opportunity as presented here and; 3) Are invited to submit their dissertation abstract along with personal biographical information and professional contributions, declaring an intent to compete for showcase recognition and; 4) Declarations of intent to compete received by August, to be reviewed by October and; 5) Accepted declarations will initiate invitations to submit electronic versions of completed dissertations by November and; 6) The Exemplary and the Honorary Recognition will be announced by year end.

The first three recognition cycles were completed during calendar years 2016, 2017, and 2018, as summarized above. The seven exemplary dissertations selected serve as examples and provide benchmarks for dissertations being submitted beyond 2018. One honorary recognition was identified in 2017, and two in 2018 and this category will continue with anticipation that more may be identified.