Honorary Member 2011

Jung Uck Seo (Korea) – Honorary Member Citation

Whereas, Jung Uck Seo’s quintessential qualifications and exemplary lifetime contributions in government and governance, the international private sector, and academia are truly superb and; Whereas, Dr. Jung Uck Seo continues to contribute seamlessly and with remarkable distinction across governmental, corporate enterprise, professional society, and increasingly within academic circles and; Whereas, his dedication to the advancement of Systems Engineering is enthusiastic and unbounded and; Whereas, Dr. Seo is providing unique and visionary leadership within the advancing engineering interdiscipline of SE internationally and; Whereas, Professor Seo will certainly continue his service as a valuable and inspirational role model for students as Omega Alpha, the International Systems Engineering Honor Society, earns its anticipated leadership role among the prestigious honor societies in academia. Therefore, the Omega Alpha Association Board of Directors is delighted and honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Jung Uck Seo to Honorary Membership in the emerging Honor Society for Systems Engineering, with recognition and a special presentation at the Asia Pacific Council on Systems Engineering 2011 Conference on Green Growth focused on Sustainable Quality in Systems, hosted in Seoul, Republic of Korea.