Objectives of OAA

From the Articles of Incorporation

Omega Alpha Objective

The overarching objective of the Omega Alpha Association in fulfillment of its Purpose is to advance the systems engineering process and its professional practice in service to humankind. Among subordinate objectives are opportunities to:

1)   Inculcate a greater appreciation within the engineering profession that every human design decision shapes the human-made world and determines its impact upon the natural world and upon people. Design projects modifications to the world in which we live.

2)  Advance system design and development morphology through a better comprehension and adaptation of the da Vinci philosophy of thinking about the end before the beginning; that is, determining what designed entities are intended to do before specifying what the entities are through concentration on the provision of functionality, capability, or a solution with form following function.

3) Encourage excellence in systems engineering education and research through collaboration with academic institutions and professional societies to evolve robust policies and procedures for recognizing superb academic programs.