Honorary Member 2017

Derek K. Hitchins (United Kingdom) – Honorary Member Citation

Professor Emeritus Derek Hitchins held the British Aerospace Chairs in both System Science and in Controls at Cranfield University. He also served as Chairman of Engineering Management at the City University in London. Derek was a former Technical Director for two systems engineering companies and a member of the UK Defense Science Advisory Council. An INCOSE Fellow having the distinction of being designated an INCOSE Pioneer, Hitichins served as the inaugural President of the UK Chapter of INCOSE. With his Ph.D. in 1958, Hitchins is in great demand since the mid – 1990’s as a part-time consultant, visiting professor, and international lecturer. With medical limitations now reducing his travel, Professor Hitichins has exhibited a remarkable capacity to communicate worldwide on-line about important SE issues that he and colleagues bring up for consideration. The exemplary quality and timely appearance of a wide range of publication relevant SE materials is unmatched. Professor Hichins has well over 100 publications including several books, two of which are published on the web for general gratis use. As one of the 15 Charter Members of the Omega Alpha Association named in 2006,┬áthe Omega Alpha Board of Directors is delighted and honored to elevate Dr. Derek Hitchins to Honorary Membership in the International Honor Society for Systems Engineering.