OAA Founding

The inaugural presentation of a Prospectus for the establishment of an Honor Society for Systems Engineering was given to the Executive Board of Alpha Pi Mu (the Honor Society for Industrial Engineering) in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 15, 2005.  Fabrycky is a long-standing member of this Board and then became its President for two years.

This updated version retains minor changes emanating from the discussion in Atlanta.  More significant changes were made based on discussions during and after INCOSE 2005 (July 10-15) in Rochester, NY.  Specifically, members of the Founding Committee are now explicitly named and reference to a theological basis for Omega Alpha was eliminated.

Progress in the initiative to organize and advance the Omega Alpha Association has been made in the following areas:

1) The law firm of LeClair Ryan was retained on June 1, 2005 to begin work on the registration of Omega Alpha as a Professional Association, and to apply for an Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

2) The web address www.omegalpha.org was reserved and a web site was created by Global Exposures Digital Consultants.  This site was made known to selected individuals for comment beginning in June of 2005.  It is being altered to reflect changes in this version of the Prospectus.

3) Founding Committee members have agreed to serve as an Organizing Committee with allocated and shared responsibilities for matters pertaining to organization and legal, full and honorary membership, academic links and associate membership, international development and relations, and academy of benefactors.

This updated version of the Prospectus was prepared for use by the Founding (Organizing) Committee meeting scheduled on January 29 at INCOSE IW 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Respectfully submitted,

Wolter J. Fabrycky